the specialists for surface-crack-detecting with magnetic-particle-inspection and penetrant dye inspection. Our portfolio contents of crack-detector systems and small units, UV-lamps for crack detection (also as LED-technic available) and additional equipment, e.g. fluorescence test suspensions, measuring instruments for testing in line with common standards and demagnetization coils. Besides our standard products we also produce special units according to your instructions and needs. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for our personal advice.

Magnetic particle test

The magnetic particle test (also fluxes called) is a procedure to the proof of cracks in or near the surface of ferromagnetic materials. For the check the work piece must be magnetized. With the big work pieces with which a complete magnetization is not possible only the examining subrange is magnetized. The lines of flux originating from the magnetization run in parallel with surface. more

Dye penetrant test

The dye penetrant test is a procedure to the non destructive material check. It is applied to the announcement by mistakes close to surfaces, like pores, cracks, bandage mistakes, overlappings and folds which are open to the surface. The procedure is according to EN 571 as well as to ISO EN 3452. more


The Demagnetization (literally „Entgaußung”) is a process by which a permanent magnet or a long-term-magnetically become ferromagnetic material loses his magnetic polarization all or part. more



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