Dye penetrant test

The dye penetrant test is a procedure to the non destructive material check. It is applied to the announcement by mistakes close to surfaces, like pores, cracks, bandage mistakes, overlappings and folds which are open to the surface. The procedure is according to EN 571 as well as to ISO EN 3452. Procedure After the cleaning of the surface a Penetratingly called liquid on the examining place is raised. This penetrates into available cracks. After some time that is rinsed Penetratingly by the surface, in perhaps available tears stays behind Penetratingly. If one applies now a developer called white liquid, the rests of the very contrasting colored penetrating with the time in the surface become visible. The developer liquid dries very fast and draws as a powder in the dry state the color. Partial the consideration of the work piece also occurs under ultraviolet light. The procedure is usable for a row of materials and work pieces. It is not necessary that the test piece have to be magnetized. Application The dye penetrant test is used particularly with ferromagnetic materials, nevertheless, can be used with all not porous materials. It is useable with low expenditure even under building site terms. Under effect of fat it can come to interferences of the results, because the tear presses itself. Expiry 1 Cleaning 2 Color allow to apply and penetrated 3 Superficial cleaning 4 Developers apply